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Rémi Lachance MBA, CRHA

Rémi Lachance MBA, CRHA

Rémi Lachance has worked in small, medium and large companies in both the private and public sectors. Since 2008, Rémi has been working with an incredibly diverse range of industries: manufacturing, telecommunications, medical equipment, distribution, retail, professional services, insurance, financial services, construction, IT, computing, electrical, events, wood and paper, aeronautics, aerospace, real estate, agri-food, risk capital, investments, health, engineering, automotive, environment and many more. He is a senior manager in human resources, management and marketing. He is also a trainer for subjects related to current issues, particularly employee attraction, retention and loyalty; strategic recruitment; social media; employer brands; HR marketing; and management skills. Rémi Lachance was named a Young Business Personality in 2012, and an Influential Graduate by Université Laval in 2013. He has also co-authored a work on creating loyalty in human resources (Marque Employeur, February 2, 2011, Presses de l’Université Laval). Rémi has sat on several boards of directors: he was a representative on the RJCCQ’s family advisory committee and was involved in the AMBAQ (Association des MBA du Québec) and the CRHA (Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés) regional committee. He has supported multiple entrepreneurial non-profits and has been a lecturer and speaker at Université Laval since 2012.

Ses principaux champs d’expertises

  • Strategic recruitment and sourcing
  • HR marketing and employer brands
  • Social media
  • Training and conferences
  • Training managers and management skills
  • Recognition and mobilization strategies
  • Pay and pay equity
  • Work climate and communication

His education

  • MBA in Digital Marketing (ongoing)
  • MBA in Business Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations
  • Business administrator/young administrator
  • Administrateur de sociétés / Administrateur de la relève
  • Actuarial studies
Rémi Lachance MBA, CRHA

Myrka Maheux LL.B., M.Ed.

Myrka Maheux LL.B., M.Ed.

Myrka Maheux has worked in manufacturing, science, engineering and software development. Having worked as an auditor and quality specialist for many years, she has honed her skills in the study and analysis of processes, the organization of work and its effects and the optimization of work methods. She has been involved in a number of continuous improvement, innovation and product marketing projects. Next, as a manager, she became an expert on company culture, team management, knowledge management and skills development. Myrka has developed numerous strategies to improve work environments and organizational performance, and has performed more than 300 corporate diagnoses. She is also a trainer for managers and executives in the retail, manufacturing, scientific, medical and service industries. Her focuses include the development of management skills, development tools and executive coaching. Her areas of expertise:

  •       Certified MBTI consultant
  •       Training and other development resources
  •       Organizational diagnoses
  •       HR indicators and evaluation of management processes
  •       Strategic planning and reflection
  •       Coaching (teams, directors and managers
  •       Knowledge management and transfer
  •       Skills development
  •       Conflict management and organizational climate

Her education

  •       Bachelor’s degree in Law
  •       Certificate in English
  •       Postgraduate degree in Product Development
  •       Master of Education – Corporate Training Management
Myrka Maheux LL.B., M.Ed.

Emilie Trempe, BAA

Emilie Trempe, BAA

Émilie Trempe is an advisor for managers and executives, helping them face challenges such as strategic and team communication, change management, influence, emotional intelligence, leadership and improvement of work environments. She worked in several fields, including HR, operations and sales, during her decade of working in SMEs. She has worked on marketing strategies, growth and downsizing management, implementing HR structures and developing various tools and courses. Since 2012, she has worked with companies of all sizes in many different fields: manufacturing, communications, IT, non-profit, insurance and financial services, retail, construction and more. She has been a trainer for several years and has designed courses that account for various contexts and issues and tools that help develop management skills. Émilie is a trainer for executives and upper management as well as sales and customer service teams. She also helps develop fixed and flexible pay structures. Since September 2018, Émilie has been part of the “upper management” cohort of the Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de Québec’s Leadership au féminin program. Her areas of expertise:

  • Training and conferences
  • Training for managers
  • Communications training
  • Emotional intelligence and health & wellness at work
  • Strategic pay, salary surveys and pay equity
  • Diagnoses and surveys
  • Conflict management
  • Work climate and communication
  • Performance evaluation
  • Change management
  • Communication and emotional intelligence training

Her education

  •       Bachelor of Administration – Management
  •       Certificate in Administration
Emilie Trempe, BAA