Conflict Management and Misbehaviour.

Effectively Managing Difficult Situations

Does your company often struggle with conflict? Are your team spirit and work environment deteriorating because of inappropriate attitudes or behaviours?Do your colleagues tend to avoid conflict or overreact to tension?

By their very nature, workplaces bring together people with vastly different temperaments, opinions, expectations, perceptions and skills.

Major disagreements are a part of human and workplace relationships. They’re unavoidable.

Sometimes, those disagreements can be used to progress standards and values, generate change or allow teams to discover new solutions. Other times, they can lead to conflicts that cause inappropriate behaviour that damages the integrity or respect of others.

Proxima Centauri’s human resources consulting agency offers customized services to prevent and resolve conflicts. Here’s what they can do:

  • Provide intervention for conflict management
  • Develop policies and implement systems for preventing and managing conflicts
  • Perform company diagnoses and surveys on the work environment
  • Manage workplace harassment complaints
  • Lead inquiries into harassment
  • Provide guidance for disciplinary measures
  • Raise awareness about conflict prevention and harassment at work
  • Provide conflict management and civility training
  • Implement disciplinary management processes and policies
  • Perform psychometric testing

We also offer a series of assessment tools that help people quickly identify their natural conflict management style, which enables them to better understand themselves and others.

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Thomas-Kilmann Test

Frequently Asked Questions

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