Diagnoses and Surveys.

Understanding People And The World

Surveys give you a snapshot of a topic at a given moment. They can collect a lot of information that can be divided many ways (e.g. by position, department, location).

Survey results allow you to consider future directions or guide certain actions. Surveys can be a product of or precursor to strategic planning.

Finally, they can also be a basis for indicators after making changes in your organization.

Diagnoses are more strategic interventions. They look at the difference between the actual and ideal situations and can trigger actions to close the gap.

This process often involves semi-structured interviews with key players in the organization and an analysis of practices and certain processes.

Our diagnosis and survey services give you a good look at various facets of your company and help you understand your options.

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Diagnosis of attractiveness and employer brand

Job satisfaction survey

Belonging and inclusion survey

Work-life balance survey

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