Pay and Pay Equity.

Healthy Salary Management That Meets Your Needs

The Proxima Centauri team are experts in total pay and application of the Pay Equity Act. No worries: we’ve supported hundreds of companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

Our pay consultants will help you implement a pay structure and salary management policy that suits your company’s context, realities and concerns.

Proxima Centauri wants to offer only the best HR consulting services.

We can do anything from handling your full project with our experts to supporting you with strategic parts of your project, offering advice or providing training.

Our goal: Act globally and sustainably.

Pay – Here’s What We Can Do:

  • Pay structure: Implement, improve, develop or review a pay structure. Suggest a pay structure that is fair and reasonable, both within the company and compared to the general market
  • Assess jobs using point factor analysis
  • Review or create job descriptions
  • Salary management policy: Implement, improve, develop or review a salary management policy

Salary management policies cover the use of the pay structure and show management how to use it. Among other things, the policy describes how salary is paid at hiring, salary progression and how to manage employees who have reached the maximum salary.

  • Salary surveys – market data

Once jobs have been identified for a salary survey, we can determine whether a field survey is the best option or whether a documented survey is possible. A documented survey provides a look at the market based on purchased surveys and market data held by Proxima Centauri. When possible, these factors are studied: Company size (number of employees), sales revenue, geographic location, sector Field surveys provide fairly thorough information about the general payment practices of competitors in the target market. They can accurately target criteria to identify companies to be contacted and used for comparison. Field surveys can collect more detailed information (e.g. social benefits, schedule, variable pay, leave).

  • Provide total payroll management
  • Create bonus, commission and social benefit plans
  • Implement a performance bonus program
  • Implement a skill-based pay program
  • Develop a performance management program
  • Diagnose your current pay process and make recommendations
  • Develop communication strategies
  • Provide pay training

Pay Equity – We Can Help

Our pay equity experts want to ease your concerns about applying the Pay Equity Act and provide you with the best solutions. Here’s what we can do:

  • Provide complete takeover, consulting, coaching or training on pay equity
  • Achieve or maintain pay equity
  • Confirm your organization’s obligations
  • Identify job categories and their gender predominance
  • Establish customized evaluation plans
  • Assess job categories
  • Integrate data into CNESST’s Progiciel
  • Calculate total pay
  • Estimate wage gaps
  • Produce signage
  • Provide training on CNESST’s Progiciel
  • Transfer knowledge to help you become more independent and maintain pay equity with minimal support
  • Manage complaints (if needed)
  • Help with the Déclaration en matière d’équité salariale (DEMES)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I subject to the Pay Equity Act even if my company doesn’t have any predominantly male job categories?

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