Strategic Planning.

Understanding Your Company’s Development

Strategic planning is used to set global objectives for your company, then establish a plan to reach those objectives.

This means taking an objective look at your everyday operations and asking where your company is headed and which areas it should focus on.

We can help you be better prepared for the issues and competition in your sector.

Our strategic planning services are available to any organization that wants to focus on strategy. Proxima Centauri will help your management team prepare for the future and successfully implement its strategic plan.

We use a blend of strategic planning and group learning to do so. Here’s how Proxima Centauri can help you with strategic planning:

  • Develop strategic planning days
  • Fully organize a strategic planning retreat
  • Develop advisory committees
  • Introduce strategic planning tools
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Review and clarify mission and values
  • Conduct internal and reputation surveys
  • Lead reflective and creative activities

Frequently Asked Questions

My company is fine. Why do I need strategic planning?

We’ve done strategic planning in the past, but it didn’t help much. Why should we start another strategic planning process?

Is strategic planning helpful for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)?

Is strategic planning related to performance?

Do we need to work with consultants to develop a strategic plan?

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