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Implementing human resources management practices and achieving the desired results is sometimes an ambitious and difficult objective to reach. Since 2008, Proxima Centauri has supported its clients in the implementation or improvement of human resources policies and processes, as these are key elements of a healthy work environment.

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HR Marketing

Increase the awareness of your organization, attract the best candidates more easily and place yourself as a distinctive employer by consolidating your employer-brand. Our HR marketing solutions are personalized to make you shine and improve your attractiveness to candidates and future employees.

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Recruitment services

Human resources are at the core of an organization, and recruiting has become a very complex strategic issue. Whether you need a personalized and fast service in order to recruit permanent staff from all sectors, or you need a more strategic recruitment project, we offer all the services for the success of your project.

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Compensation and pay equity

At Proxima Centauri, we have all the expertise needed in terms of total compensation and in the application of the pay equity act. Our HR specialists have helped and supported hundreds of organizations of all sizes and from a wide variety of industries. Our compensation advisors will guide you throughout your project.

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HR surveys

HR surveys provides you a snapshot of a specific topic. HR surveys will allow you to collect relevant information, to assess the gap between the current HR situation and the desired one so that you are able to drive certain changes. The objective is always to strengthen the employer brand and therefore facilitate the recruitment of high-performance resources.

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Skills development

Today’s organizations need to be responsive to employee demands regarding their career path. Being attentive to training needs increases individual potential and team skills. Our human resources experts can help you improve your skills development practices.

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We help our customers to use the best management practices.

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