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Since 2008, Proxima Centauri has been supporting its customers to better identify and understand their challenges and offer various solutions. Whether it is to help you redefine your mission or your vision, clarify your strategic orientations and your action plan, or even the implementation or improvement of management processes, our approach combines both working meetings and collective learning. As these are key elements in the development of an efficient and effective organization, our experts will guide you to see things more clearly.

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Strategic planning

The purpose of strategic planning is to set the overall goals of the organization and develop a plan to achieve them. It involves taking a step back from day-to-day operations and asking where the business should go in the future. Proxima Centauri will guide your management team to properly plan a future vision and succeed in their strategic plan.

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Organizational diagnostic

The organizational diagnostic answers the question: “Is the organization doing what should be done and is it the right way to do it?”. That diagnostic is the key to improving the operational performance of the organization so that it adapts to the increasingly rapid change in society. Our expert consultants will support you throughout your transformation.

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Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests allow companies to make better decisions about managing and developing their teams. They contribute significantly to knowing the potential of managers, to exploring the opportunities according to employee profiles or to improving the management and development of the work team. If you want to test the capabilities of your management team, our experts will be there to support you.

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Leadership and Management

A leader must make the right decisions to ensure the sustainability of the resources of his team and his organization. To lead is to acquire and implement methods of bringing the team where you want it to get. Our leadership coaching will enable you to align the capacity and skills of resources with the objectives to be achieved.

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Culture and values

Organizational culture is the set of beliefs, values, and attitudes of a company, which influence organizational behavior. As a manager, it is up to you to establish this culture. Proxima Centauri will guide your management team to assess and transform organizational culture to achieve targeted corporate goals.

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Succession management

Succession planning and critical skills management are two key elements of good human resources planning and specialized workforce renewal. Proxima Centauri will guide you to properly target the key skills needed to achieve corporate objectives, while developing your talent pool.

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