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Implementing management practices and achieving the desired results is sometimes an ambitious goal that is difficult to manage. The Proxima Centauri team carefully analyses your management training needs to offer you the most appropriate solution. From design to delivery, our team of management trainers develops programs that promote skills development and the transfer of learning.

Our training courses in the field of organizational management

Strategic planning

The Strategic Planning training program outlines the process for developing an organization’s strategic plan. The training covers the planning elements needed to allow you to live a privileged moment and to start thinking about the results you want.
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Results-centered leadership

The results-centered leadership program deploys a leadership style of involving, guiding, supporting, empowering, and coaching for “success”. It is a process leading to the full development of the manager.
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Team building and leadership

Do you want to optimize your personal and professional development, develop your management skills, or consolidate your team? Get to know yourself better and develop your leadership skills with this MBTI-based workshop. We offer an active pedagogy formula, alternating theoretical contributions, questionnaires and individual and sub-group exercises.
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Training program for executives and managers

The management training program is part of a process of harmonizing the management practices of different managers within the same organization and for those who wish to perfect and critically examine their current practices. Cohorts are formed from groups of targeted individuals within the organization.
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Situational leadership

Develop a leadership adapted to work situations and which will guide you towards different levels of support and management, according to the situation and the needs of your employees.
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The 7 keys to leadership

A training program that guides you towards the development of the 7 essential skills of leadership practice. The learnings of this 3-day program are a management complement to promote mobilization, team confidence, the creation of meaning, efficiency, self-confidence, and the development of people. All accompanied by a co-development meeting.
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Process optimization

The process optimization & change management program outlines the steps to follow to put in place all the key elements and optimize your processes for those that meet the needs of your organization. The program covers the mapping and change management elements needed to enable you to have a privileged moment and identify the desired results.
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Managerial courage

The managerial courage training program offers a practical course, with reflective activities and discussions. Structured program that goes through the behaviors of head, heart and courage leaders to enhance their leadership identity and generate greater impact in the workplace.
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GAgile manager at the service of his team

This training program offers a practical course to bring the manager into a position of leader, coach and to be at the service of his employees in comparison with the past paradigms which places them under his authority.
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Participate in effective meetings

This training program guides you to create at each of your meetings a climate of success, efficiency, and accomplishment without wasting time for you and the participants. Now imagine having tools that could allow you to develop the effectiveness of meetings to shorten the number and length.
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Powerful conversations

This training program enables you to understand what a conversation is, the hidden meanings, the different levels of it and how to create a safe space to tell each other the “real things” as a team.
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SCommit and deliver one day at a time

This training program enables a work team to coordinate daily, so that it can commit and deliver results on a daily basis.
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Workshop: Principles of continuous improvement in teams

This workshop offers a practical exercise enabling the team to take a step back on its ways of doing things in order to develop a climate of continuous improvement.
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Workshop: Have a team sandbox to create commitment

This workshop creates a strong spirit of collaboration and commitment in a team. It is used to define its purpose, expectations, and interactions within the organization. It creates meaning and commitment to members..
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High-Performance Team Certification

This certification program for functional teams free of restriction, offers a practical course aiming to develop the flurishment of team members towards performance. The program is structured in a way to let the teams work while developing self-organization, accountability, and collaboration.n.
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