Communication plan.

Communication Plan

Finding strategic solutions to problems A communication plan is a series of actions that a company needs to take to effectively communicate all of its projects and objectives to an internal or external audience.

This strategic process helps generate the visibility and engagement needed for the success of the company’s projects.

By having our marketing agency develop your communication plan, you’re making sure that you use the right levers to reach your communications objectives.

Here’s what Proxima Centauri’s digital marketing agency can do for your communication plan:

  • Perform a needs assessment and environmental analysis
  • Determine communication objectives
  • Identify the target audience for the communication plan
  • Develop the strategy and orientation of communication
  • Identify physical and digital means of communication, based on budget
  • Choose activities by method and create a communication calendar
  • Create messages that are tailored to the audience and use the company’s tone
  • Implement the communication plan
  • Create physical and digital platforms
  • Analyze results
  • Provide support and optimization

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