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Thanks to its expertise in traditional and digital marketing, Proxima Centauri offers state of the art marketing and web marketing services. Discover all of our marketing services to get outstanding results.

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Marketing strategy and plan

The main goals of the marketing strategy are to clarify or strengthen a positioning, to improve the adequacy to your market and increase your performance. Niche expertise in B2B marketing. Niche expertise in marketing for NPOs. Our marketing services are available both for the creation of your marketing strategy and for the deployment of an action plan.

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A brand image is only a customer perception! A feeling, even a judgment, that a person has about a brand, all based on tangible and intangible elements. The creation of a strong brand image by our marketing team is the guaranty of achieving your communication and notoriety goals.

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Advertising campaigns

Web, or digital advertising includes, but is not limited to, display advertising, CPC campaigns, search engine advertising, social media advertising, video advertising, in-app advertising, and retargeting. Our web marketing services will enable your website and its content to be seen, to convert prospects and, ultimately, to generate income.

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Social media strategy

The main goals of companies’ presence on social media are the development of brand awareness and conversions. Our web marketing services for the creation of social media strategies will enable your organization to have an outstanding presence on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Content strategy

Content marketing is a strategic approach to create relevant and adds value content for the audience. The main goal is to attract and engage. The content strategy services offered by our web marketing team will enable your brand to create lasting relationships with your consumers and engage them to convert more.

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Communication plan

The communication plan is a set of actions that the company must take to communicate effectively to a target audience. It is a strategic process that generates visibility and commitment. The creation of a communication plan by our marketing team is the guaranty of achieving your communication goal by using the right levers.

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