Marketing Automation.

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Improve Your Performance

Marketing automation is defined as a process in which technology is used to automate many of the regular, repetitive tasks of digital marketing.

It includes the tools a person needs to design, execute and automate a marketing workflow.

Our marketing automation service will allow your teams to focus on value-added activities in digital marketing.

Here’s what Proxima Centauri’s digital marketing agency can do for your marketing automation:

  • Audit digital marketing campaigns and recurring activities
  • Develop a flowchart of the marketing automation process
  • Automate marketing on social media and email (MailChimp or other) platforms
  • Create a virtual assistant (chatbot) and message sequence
  • Automate some customer support tasks
  • Perform automated lead generation
  • Perform lead nurturing and lead scoring
  • Automate current digital marketing activities
  • Automate metrics visualization reports

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