Visual Brand Identity.

Show Your Best Side

A brand’s visual identity is what makes it stand out from the competition, establish its identity and authority with customers and create a more human, less “corporate” presence.

A visual identity is made up of graphic elements like colours, typography and fonts, but can also include elements that are directly associated with the brand, like icons and pictures.

It also covers the most well-known element: the logo.

Our integrated services for creating or reviewing visual identities will help your company perform better on physical and digital platforms.

Here’s what Proxima Centauri’s digital marketing agency can do to help you create or review your visual brand identity:

  • Collect information about the company and its graphic design history
  • Evaluate brand positioning
  • Perform market and competition studies
  • Perform theme research (mood board and word cloud)
  • Provide visual consideration and exploration
  • Design logos
  • Refresh your brand image
  • Select fonts and typography
  • Create a graphic charter
  • Create a slogan and promise
  • Develop an identity
  • Create variations on the brand identity for various formats
  • Present brand boards
  • Launch the identity on physical and digital platforms

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