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Proxima Centauri helps create a world people want to belong to.

Proxima Centauri is a consulting firm founded in 2008, working in marketing strategies, training, and human resources strategies. One step at a time, the experts of our consulting firm strive to offer unparalleled services in human resources and marketing, that allow organizations to offer the best of them and to reveal their expertise with increased agility

Our mission

The purpose of Proxima Centauri is to support the development, the growth, and the improvement of any type of organization and business. Proxima Centauri offers services that reflect the state of the art in advice, interventions, and training.

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Create an experience | Be responsible
Go further | Be avant-garde

Executives team

Rémi Lachance

Rémi Lachance, President

Rémi Lachance has worked in small, medium and large organizations, both in the private and public sectors. Since 2008, Rémi has worked with an incredibly diverse range of industries such as manufacturing, telecommunications, medical equipment, distribution, retail, professional services, insurance, financial services, construction, IT, electrical industry, engineering, events, wood and paper industry, aeronautics, aerospace, real estate, agri-food, investment, health, automotive, environment and many others.

Rémi works as a consulting director in management, human resources and marketing. He is also a trainer on subjects related to current issues, including attraction, retention and loyalty of employees, recruitment strategies, social media, brand identity and HR marketing as well as management skills.

In 2012, Rémi Lachance was named Young Business Personality and in 2013, he was named Influential Graduate from Université Laval. He has also co-authored a book on human resources loyalty (Marque Employeur, February 2, 2011, Presses de l’Université Laval).

Rémi has sat on numerous boards of directors: he was a representative of the RJCCQ’s Family Advisory Committee, he was involved in the regional committee of the AMBAQ (Association des MBA du Québec) and of the CRHA (Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés). He also has supported multiple entrepreneurial non-profits and has been a lecturer and speaker at Université Laval since 2012.

Rémi Lachance

Myrka Maheux LL.B., M.Éd, Vice-presidente

Myrka Maheux has worked in manufacturing, science, engineering and software development. Auditor and quality specialist for several years, she has developed an acute expertise in the study and analysis of processes, in the organization of work and its effects as well as in the optimization of working methods. She has also been involved in various improvement projects, as well as product innovation and marketing.

Then, as a manager, she has developed expertise in organizational culture, team management, knowledge management and skills development.

Myrka has developed various strategies focused on improving the work climate and organizational performance and has carried out more than 300 organizational diagnostics. She is also a trainer for managers and senior executives in various sectors such as retail, manufacturing, scientific, medical, as well as service businesses. Her master’s degree focuses on the development of management skills, various development systems and executive coaching.

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